Nubian Village island, Aswan 1

Nubian Village island, Aswan

〉〉 Nubian Village, Aswan : Overview The descendants of the ancient Nubians still inhabit the general area of what was ancient Nubia. They currently live in what is called Old Nubia, mainly located in modern Egypt. Nubians have been resettled in large numbers (an estimated 50,000 people) away from southern Egypt since the 1960s, when the Aswan […]

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Abu Simbel temple, Aswan 2

Abu Simbel temple, Aswan

〉〉 Trip to Abu Simbel: day trip by bus Tour price currency is set to USD but you can pay in Euro or British pound. The prices quoted per person per tour all inclusive and prices are always updated to ensure you receive the lowest price possible. Once your tour is confirmed we guarantee the price […]

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