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Can I get a visa on arrival in Egypt?

Once you land, you need to go to the visa on arrival window, after getting in the queue at the immigration office. Keep in mind that when you pay for your Egypt visa on arrival, you need to pay in US dollars – you aren’t allowed to use any other currency, and it is preferable if you have the exact amount. Also, you need to pay in cash because credit or debit cards are not accepted.

What is the best time to visit Egypt?

Egypt is visited all year round. However, depending on your preferences, there are certainly times when it’s better to go than others. In the summer, from June to August, temperatures get extremely high, sometimes unbearably so. If you aren’t able to handle extreme heat, it’s best to avoid this time. If you can, this is a great time to avoid crowds and get lower prices. This is also a good time to visit one of the popular resorts on the Red Sea coast. Cooler temperatures occur between September and May.

Are tours to Egypt safe?

Egypt has served as one of the best and safest tourist destinations for many years. Surrounded by warm hospitality, courteous and kind-hearted locals – you’ll feel at home and as safe as you’ll ever be. With some sensible precautions and preparations, you will be able to explore Egypt tours and trips and enjoy Egypt’s generally safe cities with ease. Claiming a usually low crime rate visitors are usually safe especially in areas frequently visited by tourists.

How much money should I bring to Egypt?

It is difficult to determine an exact amount of spending money to take on a trip to Egypt. However, we recommend that you budget for around 25 to 50 USD per person per day (at a minimum). Your extra expenses will include items like drinks, gifts, tips, excluded entrance fees, and laundry. You can pay with cards or some foreign currencies at many places; however, it’s highly recommended that you exchange your money for Egyptian pounds and keep cash and change on you when out sightseeing.

How much do you tip in Egypt?

Generally in Egypt, it is common to tip between 10-15% if you are pleased with your service. If the service was exceptional, then tip closer towards the 15% mark and if you were not pleased with your service then tip closer to the 10% mark or less depending on the service that you received.

Do you need injections for Egypt?

Yes, when travelling to Egypt the CDC and WHO recommend that travelers ensure that they are fully vaccinated for the following: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A and Typhoid. The most important vaccines are for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. These specific vaccines are important as they offer protection against food and water-borne diseases which could infect you through eating or drinking contaminated food or water in Egypt.

Can I drink the water in Egypt?

The tap water in Cairo is safe to drink however it is heavily chlorinated and thus it tends to have foul taste. In general, in all regions of Egypt it is recommended to rather stick to drinking boiled or bottled water in order to avoid an upset stomach. Although, the tap water is safe for cleaning your teeth and so there is no need for bottled water when brushing your teeth.

What do female tourists wear in Egypt?

Due to the hot weather in the summer months, many female tourists tend to opt for long, flowy summer dresses and skirts. Most female tourists will normally opt for long summer dresses which cover the shoulders and fall below the knee. These are popular as they tend to be conducive and breezy for the hot weather. In the cooler months, many female tourists opt for leggings, jeans, t-shirts and light jackets. Jeans are common amongst locals and tourists and many local Egyptian women wear skinny jeans, although in Summer it is probably best to avoid wearing jeans as they tend to be too warm for the hot weather.

How much does a meal cost in Egypt?

The cost of food in Egypt is relatively affordable in comparison to other countries, depending on the type of food you are looking to purchase. For example, a meal at a high-end establishment such as a hotel dinner would cost around 120LE per person. An average lunch in Egypt such as a sandwich and a coffee/soft drink or a pizza is around 40-45LE per person. The rate of exchange is generally 15LE for 1 US dollar.

Can I take pictures while visiting the monuments in Egypt?

Photography is allowed in most of the historical sites and museums in Egypt, but some of them have extra charges for taking in a camera. in some museums, like the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and some historical sites, like the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, photography is prohibited and visitors are asked to leave their cameras at the reception before entering.

Do Egyptians speak languages other than Arabic?

Have no fear Most Egyptians living in Cities have a basic command over the English language and some English words and phrases. However the same cannot be said for French, Italian, Spanish and finally German. Nevertheless, Professionals working in the tourism sector have easily adapted to visitors who don’t speak Arabic. Satisfying the needs of most travelers with a combination of English and other lingual phrases.

What are the opening hours for shops and different stores in Egypt?

Most of the shops in Egypt open from around 10 AM and stay open until 10PM; however, many shops, cafes, and restaurants especially in major cities stay open much later and some facilities and shops are open 24 hours.